Hi. I’m Daniel.

Most of my recent work – both paid and unpaid – has involved design and photography and the theatre and arts scenes of both London and Bristol.

I wanted to be a lot cuter with my opening paragraph. However, the constraints of SEO and readability tend to put creativity and style in a formidable head lock.

To be honest I do many things.  I am at my happiest and most productive when combining a whole bunch of these skills, or aspects of them. In addition to the things that lend themselves most readily to arts marketing, I am also a theatre writer and director, a songwriter and composer, and an actor and singer. My self description gets somewhat unwieldy. It usually contains more forward slashes than most could handle.  I’m a bit of an all-rounder.  I have also been doing it for long enough that I am fairly skilled in quite a few areas involving design, writing and presentation.

What’s here…

This site tries to put together things to showcases my various interests, talents, work examples and creative projects. My work and my personal interests tend to overlap. I feel they are all the richer as a result.

Although I’ve tried to avoid being too overt on the self-selling, this is my main portfolio site.  Some things are presented here in order to convince people that I’d be worth employing,  either for individual projects or on a more regular basis.  There is probably a slicker and more professional way of arranging and presenting things. Hopefully it will still give you a decent idea of what I can do and what floats my boat.

I’m always looking for interesting projects on which to collaborate and interesting people to work with. If you feel you have something that we both might enjoy then give drop me an email daniel@coffeemonkey.co.uk