Portfolio [selection]

This whole website is to showcase my work but this selection will hopefully give a good idea of the breadth of projects on which I have worked and the organisations and companies with whom I have been involved. Most of the photographs are my own particularly they are for food or theatre work, but there are also archive images and some by other photographers [ I will do my best to track down photographer credits and gradually add them ]

It’s quite a big selection because I’ve been at this a while…. But it’s still only a selection. Look around rest of site for recent photography and promo design. [details after gallery]

Projects, companies and organisations featured include:

Queen of the Mist Pint of Wine Theatre Company‘s epic production of LaChiusa’s musical about Annie Edson Taylor – The woman who went over Niagra Falls in a barrel and survived. [photograph and design]

Pint of Wine‘s production of Side Show – Bill Russell and Henry Krieger’s musical about the lives of conjoined twins working on the vaudeville circuit. [photography and design]

Design, marketing, packaging design, animation, and photography for the Real Wrap Co, food-to-go producers needing a coherent range of diverse products – from premium Special Editions to value basics – with consistent photographic and packaging “look and feel” .

Design (building signage and print collateral) for the Creative Youth Network at The Station, Bristol.

Refreshing and reinventing the visual identity for Bishopsgate Institute – 120 year old arts and education institute in the City of London. Adding confidence and coherence to a brand that needed attention to bring it together and to help it to tell its story. Returning two years later to handle the evolution of the identity and to work with the team to develop and launch a bold and uncompromising website.

Working with organic restaurant (and cookery school ) Bordeaux Quay in Bristol to develop a flexible and evolving visual identity. From embroidered logos to building signage, prelaunch brochures, promotional print, website design and build, product identities and packaging, Recipe book design (and website design and build) for independent Bristol cafe.

Also featured here is backstage and rehearsal photography for a number of shows both professional and non professional, documenting the process of rehearsal and then using these to promote the performance by drawing back the curtain and inviting in new audiences.